Ordinary Council Meeting   Date: 27 April 2020, 6.30pm, 
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Order of Business

  • Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • 20SP020 Provision of Loan Funds 2019-2020
  • 20SP021 March 2020 Investments Report
  • Director of Built and Natural Assets
  • 20SP022 Adoption of Amendment to Development Control Plan 2014 - Standard Remedial Action Plans
  • Director of Organisational Services
  • 20SP023 Public exhibition of the Draft Revised Delivery Program 2017-2022 incorporating the Draft Operational Plan, Budget, and Fees and Charges 2020-2021
  • 20SP024 Council submission - discussion paper on councillor superannuation
  • 20SP025 Requests for Donation and Financial Assistance under Section 356 of the Local Government Act 1993
  • 20SP026 Cardiff - Proposed Acquisition for Open Space - 180B Myall Road
  • Head of Development and Planning
  • 20SP027 Planning Proposal and Planning Agreement - 83 Jonathan Street, Eleebana
  • 20SP028 Residential Flat Building - 330 Fishery Point Road, Bonnells Bay
  • Director of Service Delivery
  • 20SP029 Creative Industry Grant Funding Round 1: Successful Applicants
  • Director of Regulation and Compliance
  • 20SP030 Unauthorised Structures and Encroachments on Public Land Policy
  • 20SP031 Exhibition of Regulatory Activities Policy
  • Inspection Reports
  • 20SP032 East Ward Site Inspection - Bareki Road, Eleebana
  • 20SP033 Telecommunications Facility - 170 Taylors Road, Cooranbong
  • Notices of Motion
  • 20NM005 Determination of Development Application DA/311/2020
  • 20NM006 Odour from Awaba Waste Management Facility
  • 20NM007 Maintenance of Mandalong Road, Mandalong
  • Rescission Motions
  • Petitions
  • Business without Notice
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